Application Virtual exhibition The Music/ian is Present available

Public presentations of student socially engaged projects, realized in September 2022 in Novi Sad in the frame of The Music/ian is Present event, are getting a whole new dimension in the application developed by Dimitrije Cvetković from Mad Head Games (P10). The application is conceived as a virtual tour through a 3D space resembling an art gallery, which hosts images and recordings of the four group student projects focused on for specifically targeted audiences (vulnerable and marginalized groups: children, elderly, socially deprived youth), drawing attention to particular issues of current society in Serbia as seen by music students.

The primary intent of creating this 'virtual exhibition' was to give student projects a unified place where their results could be preserved in a digital form, accessible to a wider audience and available after their end. The result resembles a video game, elevating the viewer’s experience from just watching the videos of student projects (on the YouTube channel, for example) to a whole new level. Furthermore, creator’s wish was to demonstrate a way in which new technologies can be used for showcasing the results of any art project, hopefully inspiring students to try doing something similar with their future work.

For starting the application, it is necessary to download the archive and start the file DEMUSIS_VirtualExhibition.exe from the .zip folder.

This virtual exhibition is experienced by moving the camera through a 3D space. The camera is controlled with a combination of keyboard and mouse controls. The virtual “attendees” of the exhibition, can move their mouse to look around and choose the direction in which they want to walk. On the keyboard, use the keys W and S to move forward and backward, respectively; and keys A and D to move sideways - to the left and right, respectively. Throughout the exhibition, there are blank canvases which will start playing videos once stepped in front of them (the exact position where one should stand is indicated on the floor).

Take the Video tour.

For optimal experience, the recommendation is to use desktop computer of newish generation. Issues with starting the application on some computers, whether because DirectX is not installed or for any other reason, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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