Entrepreneurship, digital media and eLearning have until now only played a minor role in higher education in music in Serbia, despite the ongoing digitalization and recent massive development of IT sector in Serbia.
DEMUSIS project aims at enhancing entrepreneurial abilities of academic musicians to use digital technologies artistically, creatively, knowledgeably, critically and responsibly (both toward self and others) in general and cultural context. The objective is to introduce forward-looking curricula that will offer sustainable career for musicians and provide them with knowledge, skills and understanding how to work alone and manage their own careers.
DEMUSIS aims to ensure capacity development of HEIs to educate culturally engaged professionals willing to participate in the civil society. There are 3 main project objectives: 1) development of new master programme “Music in digital environment”, modernization of existing study programmes in areas of music entrepreneurship and digital competencies. E-learning platform, on-line courses and LoLa system for distant musical performance will encourage the use of digital technologies; 2) continuing professional development for music professionals, aiming at improvement and enhancement of their digital and entrepreneurial skills; 3) strengthening music education in its lessons in citizenship and cultural participation and to bridge the current gap between music higher education institutions and civil society.
The project consortium consolidates efforts of 6 academic and 3 non-academic partners.
Expected impact of the project will include innovative and new curricula and new career possibilities for professional musicians, development of stronger and modernized academic institutions, novel methodology approach towards education of musicians able to facilitate interaction of academia and civil society and to enhance public participation in music.

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