New master study program Applied Research in Music ready for national accreditation

Applied Research in Music, one of the two new master study programs developed at the Faculty of Music of the University of Arts in Belgrade (P1) in the scope of the DEMUSIS project, was adopted by relevant institutional bodies and the University of Arts Senate in April and is ready for submission to the National Entity for Accreditation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education in July 2020.  

Applied Research in Music is innovative new master study program in music aiming at enabling music students to understand substantial relations between music sciences, digital technologies, entrepreneurship and social engagement in the field of music, and to empower them to continually creatively develop those links on theoretical and practical level in the digitally transformed society. The study program outcomes will therefore enable the students to integrate acquired knowledge and research innovativeness, offering insight into the possibilities of its practical application, and emphasize the relevance of continual study and professional enhancement and creative approach to applied research in music at high professional level. Moreover, the outcomes include successful identification of specific target group with development of productive dialogue with audiences using both traditional and digital channels of communication, while employing contemporary technologies and knowledge in the field of applied marketing. Additionally, students will learn to put the knowledge and skills of digital music formats to practice in theoretical and practical music research and to integrate them professionally and ethically with the market approach. 

Entry prerequisites include completed bachelor studies in the field of music (composition, music performance, and music research). 

The submission of the application for national accreditation of Applied Research in Music master study program will be final part of WP1 Preparation and Analysis, with the outcome WP 1.5 New study programs designed and accredited.

Applied Research in Music Study program structure

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