Mad Head Games joins project consortium

Gaming company Mad Head Games, new stakeholder partner in the field of IT industry, joins project consortium at the position P8, following EIPIX Entertainment withdrawal from the partnership due to change in ownership and staff reduction.

The procedure for accepting a new partner was started upon initial meeting of project coordinator with Mad Head Games representatives, further confirmed by official acceptance to join project consortium by company’s management and all project partners, and subsequently by following the formal procedure by EACEA, which is expecting to be closed soon by amendment of partnership composition.

Mad Head Games is one of the pioneers of game development in Serbia. Founded in 2011, it quickly grew into an industry leader, blazing the trail for all up-and-coming domestic game developers. The company is known for its innovative approach to casual adventure games, and after years of consecutive successes, it is expanding into new genres, developing new projects and boldly making headway into CORE and F2P markets.

Mad Head Games’ main role in the project will be to offer practical placements for students of national higher music education institutions, presenting them with the possibility to apply and test their theoretical knowledge in the production and implementation of sound and music in video games. The added value of new partner’s participation in DEMUSIS project will therefore be in giving the opportunity to future music professionals to work in creative gaming development environment, which particularly aligns with Mad Head Games continual investment in supporting local development community. Based in Novi Sad, but with premises in Belgrade as well, the new partner is situated perfectly for the role in the project, given that shares location with two out of three national academic institutions.

Furthermore, Mad Head Games joining the project will specifically add to strengthening the links between university and business sector, contribute to the improvement of employability of music professionals and help project sustainability after the project is closed. Also, as a member of project partnership consortium Mad Head Games will, with other partners, participate in quality control, dissemination and exploitation of project results and management of the project.

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