First students of the new master study programs graduated from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (P1)

On 12 November 2021, the first students graduated from the innovative, entrepreneurially oriented master study program Applied Research in Music (PRIMA) introduced at the Faculty of Music University of Arts in Belgrade in the framework of the DEMUSIS project in 2020/21. During their studies, the students successfully integrated application of knowledge, concepts and methods in music research from the perspective of new technologies, entrepreneurship and work with audiences within the wider social contexts, resulting in the design of original music projects addressed to specific social groups as new audiences.

The final works at the PRIMA master characterize unique methodological approach bringing together design of a project idea, its theoretical explication based on the contemporary academic literature, followed by its practical application by placement of actual music outputs into the specific contemporary media, educational and/or public cultural space(s).

The PRIMA master theses are furthermore oriented toward affirmation of chosen examples of art music in the specific social context outside of concert venues as traditional institutionalized spaces for the promotion of classical music, with an emphasis on participatory audience involvement and of transmedia storytelling application. As such, the master theses publicly defended at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade include projects such as Art and music summer workshop for preschool children “Sing and play with the carnival” by Tara Gajić, Radio FMU by Ivana Ćurčić, Presentation and promotion of the Guard-Representative Orchestra by trans-media storytelling method by Bojan Cvetinov, and Programme Preslišavanje [Revision]. Design and placement of the broadcast oriented toward popular music research using the transmedia storytelling techniques by Mario Dimitrijević, as the most recent contribution (defended on 18 March 2022).

The Applied Research in Music (PRIMA), introduced in the framework of the DEMUSIS project in 2020/21, is the first study program in Serbia and in the region oriented towards entrepreneurial approach to music, socially engaged artistic/music practices and growing and more complex possibilities of digital technologies. Witnessing its popularity in the region is the fact that almost 25% of students come from the countries of the former Yugoslavia (North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina).

To learn more about the study program, visit the Faculty of Music in Belgrade website. Additionally, the structure of the study program in English is available here, and the complete curriculum (in Serbian) here.

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