New master study programme developed at AUNS was accredited

A new master study program Music Production was developed by the Academy of Arts University of Novi Sad (P2) and submitted for accreditation to the National Entity for Accreditation on 21 December 2022 and it was finally awarded the accreditation. The master programme in Music Production is designed as a one-year program (60 ECTS) in which the student acquire, a high level of knowledge and artistic expression in the field of music production. The Music Production master programme at AUNS is formulated as interdisciplinary programme, connecting music and audio-visual media. It is aimed at mastering modern techniques and shaping personal artistic expression in new and traditional media forms and supporting entrepreneurship in the cultural and creative industries. The first generation of students will be enrolled in the study year 2024-2025.

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DEMUSIS Team from Kragujevac keeps organising „Entrepreneurship in music and music education“ seminars

In February and March 2024, the DEMUSIS team from Kragujevac lead by prof. Duško Marić continued organising seminars on the topic of entrepreneurship in music and music education, that were developed and accredited in the framework of the DEMUSIS project.

On the 24. of February the seminar was hosted by the Primary music school in Vrbas (25 participants), on the 2. of March by the “Vojislav Lale Stefanović” music school in Užice (30 participants), and on the 5. of March in the music school in Bačka Palanka (27 participants). The seminar was very well attended and the discussions were fruitful.

It is wonderful to see that the ideas developed in DEMUSIS are continuing to be disseminated in the professional community.

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Fourth generation of students enrolled to the Applied Research of Music (PRIMA) MA study program

In October 2023, a new generation of seven students enrolled in the Applied Research of Music (PRIMA) MA study program in the academic 2023/2024 year. During their one-year studies, students will integrate the application of knowledge, concepts, and methods in music research from the perspective of new technologies, entrepreneurship, and work with audiences in wider social contexts. Their final master projects will be original music projects.

We have spoken with our students about their impressions
“First of all, the PRIMA study program encouraged me to think in the direction of musical entrepreneurship. Previously acquired knowledge and experiences have been given a new form and a clear direction. The use of digital resources is an integral part of this study program provides a wide range of opportunities to distribute music on the market. My digital and entrepreneurship competencies contributed to shaping and transforming the idea that I presented through my final paper." (Nebojša Bogićević)

“I would recommend the PRIMA program to students who have an idea about their musical project, for which they would use the knowledge gained during their studies. I think that with a clear idea at the very beginning, knowledge is absorbed much easier and more efficiently, because the students can apply it in real time. I would also advise future PRIME students to be open, curious and to actively participate in the improvement (and thus the sustainability) of this program. I believe that from year to year the results of the involvement of professors and students in this study program will become more and more visible." (Iva Pažin)

“PRIMA program has given me knowledge and experience in the field of project writing, marketing, and media representation, which is necessary for everyone who professionally deals with music and who wants to be active in the field of culture. During my studies, I started working on my first music project within which I presented myself not only as an organizer of a music event, but also as a pianist. “(Sara Tasovac)

“I think this is one of the few study programs at our faculty that teaches us some practical things and skills, which I believe are more applicable in today's world, than the numerous theoretical knowledge that I personally acquired in my undergraduate studies. During my master' studies I also started working in the sphere of creating, organizing, and promoting artistic content, and many skills I acquired during my studies, such as marketing plan, editing multimedia content, and application of transmedia storytelling, were useful to me. In addition, teachers mostly come from practice and thus can convey their real experiences to students.” (Nastasija Stefanović)

“The PRIMA master program at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade is one of the best master studies one individual can attend and be part of. This program is most suitable for individuals who are eager to learn the fundamentals of music industry, business management and to extend their article writing skills. This is for the ones who want more out of music, to build relationships and extend their contact network, and for those who want to be a part of the new music industry era. During my time attending the classes I have met many great people, artists, and music directors. Attended many concerts and have been a part of the Belgrade Youth centre’s organization team along with my two other colleagues from the master class. All in all, a wonderful experience during the two semesters. “(Mladen Dimitrijević)

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Third generation of students enrolled to new MA study programs successfully graduated

During September 2023, 5 students graduated with distinction from the DEMUSIS MA study program Applied Research of Music (PRIMA) from the Faculty of Music in Belgrade. They publicly presented and defended their thesis and original music projects addressed to specific social groups as new audiences.

Nebojša Bogićević
Musical Stories (musical songs and stories transmedia storytelling for digital musical education of preschool children)

The aim of this master thesis is a creation of an original music internet platform, as a digital tool for preschool children education, with intention for children to develop their musicality in an amusing way, by learning original musical songs and stories. Additionally, through the specific themes of musical stories and songs, children also become familiar with music terms, music instruments as well as with the basic themes of everyday culture.

Mladen Dimitrijević
Music Incorporated. Implementation of music in corporative environment

The goal of this master thesis was the implementation of music in the concrete corporative business environment as well as the further determination of the effects and benefits of this idea. The target group of this project are different, national, and international corporations who are interested to benefit from implementing music in their business environment.

Iva Pažin
Overreacting. Creation of a debut music album and its transmedia storytelling promotion

This project is aimed at transmedia storytelling promotion of a debut music album by student Iva Pažin, who performs under a stage name ZHIVA. Through music and the narratives around it, Iva emphasizes youth mental health obstacles and challenges in everyday life. Iva’s album concert promotion was realized in Belgrade City cultural centre on November 2, 2023.

Nastastija Stefanović
K-ART. Kolarac Endowment new artistic program

The K-ART program is set to include a series of monthly realized events dedicated to the artistic problematizations of different topics from transmedia perspectives. The goal of this project is to modernize the Kolarac Endowment programs, attracting the new audience and emphasizing the place of this institution as a traditional centre of Serbian culture and art.

Sara Tasovac
Music festival From Balkanika to Pentatonic

The goal of this project was creation and realization of the music festival that will enhance the connection and cooperation of artist from Serbia and China. The festival program includes Serbian composers’ music, as well as artistic and traditional music from China performed by the Serbian and Chinese musicians. The festival had its premier realization on September 30, 2023, in Novi Sad.

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Teaching materials for new and modernized study programs published and available

Thirteen new teaching materials for music students of new master and modernized bachelor and master study programs at national HMEIs have been developed by P1-P3 teachers with active steering by their colleagues from EU partners, and made available. These include contributions to the new electives in the reformed study programs, such as Basics of the project planning and music entrepreneurship and Basics of digital literacy for musicians, developed and introduced at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (P1) at BA level of studies, as well as Music education in digital environment and Digital notography, developed and introduced by the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad (P2) and the Faculty of Philology and Arts in Kragujevac (P3) respectively, both for modernized MA study programs. Additionally, teaching materials were developed for modernized courses, such as Music recording technology (online course) at P1, and Music entrepreneurship at P3, updated by introduction of project related subjects, perspectives, knowledge and skills.

Following development, accreditation and implementation of the two new master programs at P1 - Music Direction and PRIMA (Applied music research), owing to their innovative and topical curricula, there was even greater need for the development of complementary teaching materials for these study programs. For that reason, seven handbooks, manuals, tutorials and other teaching materials were designed and offered for courses such as Digital methods in music research and music databases, Mastering and final formats, Audio editing and restoration of recordings, Music production software and Music direction 1&2.

The format of these teaching and learning materials is diverse, ranging from student workbooks, manuals for learning and exam preparation, video tutorials, to e- and printed textbooks. All items, developed in the frame of the WP 3.3, are fully available to students of the chosen courses/study programs. The list is available below, with links to complete work or excerpts.

The European Commission support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents which reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsi­ble for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.