Second generation of students enrolled to new MA study programs successfully graduated

In September 2022, students enrolled in 2020 and 2021 to two master study programs developed and implemented within the DEMUSIS project – that of Music Direction and Applied Research of Music (PRIMA), successfully defended their master projects and thesis and graduated from the Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade (P1).

On 21 September, first students enrolled in 2020/21 to the two-year master study program successfully graduated in the field of music direction, in that way becoming first ever masters of music direction in country and the region. During the master thesis defense ceremony, candidates have explained to the members of the Exam Committee creative and technical-technological procedures and methods in music direction, used in realization of their master projects (“Recording, mixing and mastering of chosen metal music tracks” and ” Defining the role of music director through analysis of preproduction, production and postproduction of songs ‘To nije moj svet’, ‘Ti mi srce otvaraš’, ‘Make it easy’ and ‘Hej kafano, moja rano’ by Ivana Milošević and Grigorij Nikolaj Jakovljević respectfully), indicating problems and their solutions met and dealt with during all phases of their work.

On 30 September, the second generation of the PRIMA master students publicly presented and defended their master projects and thesis. The master thesis “Belgrade edition of the Synthetics festival. Organization of a transmedia artistic event focused on audience participation” by Viktor Tanaskovski, focused on an artistic festival organized on the basis of mutual ‘help’ and ‘exchange’ between independent artists acting outside of the cultural industry, state institutions and mainstream publishing mechanisms. Furthermore, the author’s concept of the Synthetics festival, already realized in Skopje (North Macedonia) and in Belgrade (Serbia), was offered and theoretically explained. The festival aimed to create the space for collaboration between diverse artistic practices, seeking to encourage and foster participation and convergence not only between performers, but also between performers and their audience, regardless of the choice of genre and media. On the other hand, Tijana Nikolić in her master project “Illustrations – Short films cycle as an affirmation of the profession of composer”, sought to reveal some of the lesser-known aspects of composer’s work, introduce the wider audience with what is understood as compositional practice, how one becomes a composer, and share those and other findings through widely distributed cycle of three short digital films. Along with affirmation of the composer profession and artistic music in general, the project aimed at initiating a collaboration between students of four faculties of the University of Arts in Belgrade, stressing the benefits that exchange of ideas and good practices within collaborative work in this and similar projects may bring.

Previously, the fall of 2021 was marked by graduation of first generation of students of the PRIMA master study program.

Both Music Direction and Applied Research of Music were first implemented in the academic year 2020/21 in the framework of the project DEMUSIS.

First music directors graduated


Second generation of PRIMA master students graduated

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