Entrepreneurial bootcamp for music students Music – Here and Now to be held in May

Students and teachers from 3 national academic partner institutions – The Faculty of Music, University of Arts in Belgrade (P1), Academy of Arts, University of Novi Sad (P2) and the Faculty of Philology and Arts, University of Kragujevac (P3), will gather with teachers from the Royal Conservatoire The Hague (P4), to explore new playgrounds for their music projects for the first time in Serbia, within a blended music entrepreneurial bootcamp starting from May 10th.

The entrepreneurial bootcamp for music students Music – Here and Now was prepared in the online teacher training held from 19th to 23rd of April 2021.
Calls for students for participation in the bootcamp Music – Here and Now will be opened in the following days at each individual national academic institution, with students of all new and modernized bachelor and master study programs invited to apply.
All students will get together online with Serbian and Dutch teachers for the first two days of the bootcamp and the final feedback and evaluation sessions. In between, students will visit and choose the playground for their projects, develop and prepare them in a live environment. Rehearsals and show time will also be played live, while the project outcomes as documented in video clips made by students will be shared among all institutions participating in the bootcamp.

The entrepreneurial bootcamp for music students is an intensive period of artistic development and professional integration. In it, students will learn to apply their creativity and artistic practice in a new environment, to develop their collaborative and communicative skills and rethink their role and position as musicians in society. By thinking out, implementing and publicly presenting their projects in social contexts outside the walls of their educational institutions, students will explore different aspects of their artistic identity, making the music, and themselves as musicians, more visible and engaged in society. Through meeting new audiences and new people, learning their stories and being inspired by them in their own projects, the students will be able to make the difference and create new values. Also, for the first time during their studies, music students will learn to think in categories of products, short-term and long-term goals, and discover the whole gamut of different kinds of values to be made.

This kind of innovative pedagogical approach to learning and exploring the role and position of music and musicians in our contemporary society is implemented with the bootcamp Music – Here and Now, for the first time into the curriculum in higher music education in Serbia.

The entrepreneurial bootcamp for music students in Serbia is part of the project activity 4.3 – Implementation of new and modernized study programs and teaching visits from EU partner institutions, as well as the activity 7.5 with show time in chosen playgrounds also being the public presentation of student projects.

Entrepreneurial bootcamp for music students in Serbia "Music - Here and Now" – Draft agenda

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