DEMUSIS project event The Music/ian is Present to be held in Novi Sad on 12–17 September 2022

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The Music/ian is Present is three-part event which will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia, on 12–17 September 2022 in synergy with Novi Sad - European Capital of Culture 2022 project. As the key DEMUSIS project dissemination activity, it focuses on the third project’s objective – promotion of more engaged and culturally responsible academic musicians committed to the civil society, addressing it from different perspectives: educational, artistic, research and inciting public dialogue.

The Music/ian is Present week in Novi Sad will therefore include three interconnected events:

The Public debate and conference will be live streamed on DEMUSIS Erasmus YouTube channel.

The activities of The Music/ian is Present DEMUSIS event aim at strengthening cooperation between higher education, (inter)national institutions, business sector and wider society in enhancing the dialogue and bridging the gap between the academic and civil society.

 Download: The_Musician_is_Present_12-17.09.2022__Agenda_v2.pdf